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Pull Tab Charity Urban Myth
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Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:16 pm    Post subject: Pull Tab Charity Urban Myth  

Back in 1969 I met a 13 year old who became friends with me.

About the same time, he said that they collect these for charity for disabled people.

He wanted me and others to save the tabs and we did not.

He demanded I pull each tab off each can and I refused.

I then demanded he provide me with the name of this charity and the company behind it.

He said he didnt know and I accused him of being scammed.

Why did he start this rumor which snowballed into a huge Urban Myth?

He was a Schizophrenic who was a pathological liar.

I think he wanted to save the tabs to make a curtain of them for his apartment.

When he found out that his lie, turned into this Urban Myth sucking innocent people into wasting time and money....

He would say, "And you believed it!" :x
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