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Joined: 18 Oct 2006
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Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 8:29 pm    Post subject:  

The mechanics bay being turned into a store.

Some odd markings that look unnatural are on Glover's and other rocks.

There are two main glacial erratic boulders here, one higher han the other.

Northwind Mansion after facelift and new shades deployed.
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Location: City Island, Bronx NY

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 8:58 pm    Post subject:  

The following is an unpaid advertisement and endorsement for people to buy this great book.

The Other Islands Of New York City, A History and Guide 2nd Ed.

This book is a companion book to the PBS Documentary of the same name, "The Other Islands Of New York City"

It is often seen on Channel 13 in NYC.





Because of what happemed at Fulltimewebmaster, a copy of this gallery has been made.
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Posted: Sat May 19, 2007 9:26 pm    Post subject:  

Clicking on this link takes you back to Wikipedia.org


The Other Islands of New York City: A Historical Companion (Paperback)

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Posted: Tue May 22, 2007 7:12 pm    Post subject:  

I visited the Swans while they were at Rodmans Neck, just south of the bridge!

They now have five cygnets!

The Canada Geese named Toronto & Montreal fly over what is left of Crecent Beach.

They love to fly into the water like they water ski!

You can see the happiness in their faces as they honk Hello.

I call them Tonto and Monti, nowadays.

The concrete blocks of the seawall on Crescent Beach, are originally from the elevated West Side Highway in Manhattan which was torn down.

As they disintegrate, they create a new beach below.

In 50 to 100 years, it will become all beach again, unless fixed.

Concrete disintegrates in seawater.
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Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 9:06 pm    Post subject:  


Do not stand too close to a swan as it may flap it wings and hit you hard!

It will hurt, even if the swan is not intending to hurt you!

Today, my swan Cyrus came too close to me and began hissing, because I was still untying the plastic bag.

I was wearing a new jacket and it may have alarmed him also.

I stepped away from him until he stopped and I fed him and then the babies and Bernice, as the people on the west side call her.

They have five cygnets that are newborn.

I had to walk from Jackie Kall's office to Rodmans Neck thru mud and rocks and seaweed.

Dr Young wishes to see Eelgrass? The stuff they were eating was brown and there is a lot of it.

I do not know if it was that species of plant.

Every year America kills wild Canada Geese and feeds them to homeless people.

Please stop the killing. :( :cry:
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Posted: Mon May 28, 2007 10:55 pm    Post subject:  

Monday May 28th Memorial Day 2007

Mr Lizard, do you want a hamburger?:lol:

Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion leads the parade in his neighborhood.

Doctor Christian Wertenbaker steps into frame during the parade.

The US Navy Band plays marching music.

Everyone loves a parade!



Hart Island Ferry and pier at Fordham Street I took this from my Dad's speedboat we call "The Magic Christian".

I now have a brand new Nikon Coolpix P4 8 Megapixel Digital Camera!

It can take Quicktime movies with sound! It's mine, mine all mine and I love it!

I bought it here.


This is the first 8.1 Megapixel image, so it may load slower!
I uploaded to the net.

It shows my wild Canada Geese Toronto, Montreal, Gander and Winnipeg all eating the day old hard bread I give them every day. They sleep on Hart Island and fly here every morning after Sunrise.

I am now using Supload.


Casino Beach Hotel from Cemetary Wall

Dillon's Boat Yard 1968

Delmour's Point, site of where Katherine Hepburn filmed "Long Days Journey Into Night". As I have promised, I took you out in a boat around the island. more to come.

~The City Island Digital Image Gallery~

City Island's portal to the Internet

Bay Street and William Avenue on City Island. Yes, 3 cones in a row.

The conical ones seems to be called Turret Roofs and the Octagonal ones seems to be called Tent Roofs. I have heard them called Witches Hats and Widows Peaks and even Water Tower Roofs. One here may be an Onion style roof.

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Location: City Island, Bronx NY

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 12:17 am    Post subject:  

Saturday June 2nd 2007 we had a Spring Festival with a rock band and tents with concessions and gifts. There was caramel popcorn and cinnamon peanuts.

I brought some back for Mom and she loved them. It was worth the $3 for the nuts. $7 bucks bought me the big bag. :D

Well worth it! :wink:
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Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2007 5:12 am    Post subject:  

Delmour's Point, site of where Katherine Hepburn filmed "Long Days Journey Into Night". Special Thanks to Barbara Dolensek! This is her house.

One day, a boy named Anthony Manchess told me that they were filming at the west dead end of Tier Street. I was 7 years old. I got on my bicycle and sped off. My sisters followed me. There were trucks and movie trailers and catering and power cables and generators and Klieg lights. During a break in filming Katherine Hepburn walked up to me and thanked me for being a fan and kissed me on my cheek. She signed autographs. The men, Jason Robards and Ralph Richardson, refused to sign any autographs. It was a privilege to meet a Hollywood Superstar. Movies like this is how we nicknamed City Island, Cinema Island.

As I have promised, I took you out in a boat around the island. more to come.

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Location: City Island, Bronx NY

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2007 12:32 am    Post subject:  

City Island Links:

NEW! Updated! New Links Added! New Videos Added!

City Island is all over the Internet, but you have to know where to look.

Here are some websites that are related to City Island and nearby places of interest.

This listing is not an endorsement of these businesses or organizations.

This listing is about all things City Island and related.

All links here must have some content about the island or the Bronx.

Small Video Of City Island and area.


The City Island Community Center


City Island Dotcom


City Island Historical Society and Nautical Museum

It was PS 17 at 190 Fordham Street


City Island Chamber of Commerce


City Island article at Wikipedia


City Island Birds


City Island Tide Chart


Tales of The Clamdiggers, the story of City Island : Special note, this book is a must for historians of this island.

This book has no photgraphs, it has drawings only. Excellent reading and info. Buy this book! :o


City Island and Orchard Beach

This book is mostly photographs and things like images of Ernest Hemingway living here made me quote him.


City Island, Her Voyage Through History by Allen Flood & Robert Mullen

Another must buy book at the museum. I need some T-Shirts.


The Other Islands Of New York City

Our island and nearby islands are included in this companion to the PBS TV series.


Harrington Talents City Island's only movie studio

It makes sense to film here.


Le Refuge Inn at Samuel Pell House

Competitive with other Motels. A needed business.



Sea Shore Waterfront Restaurant & Marina

Italian food.


The Lobster Box

Where my sisters had their wedding showers!


Portofino Ristorante Italian Dining

A real Italian restaurant with a real Italian name.


The Harbor Restaurant

Beautiful view next to Portofino.


The Tree House

Great personal pizza $5! A+


The Black Whale

Friends of my friends.


Sammy's Fish Box

He owns many restaurants on the island.


Sammy's Shrimp Box

See what I mean?


The Crab Shanty

OK fried shrimp to go. A+


Seafood City


The Gaia Institute

The Earth is alive!


The New York Public Library, City Island Branch

Smallest library in NYC.


UK Halsey Sailmakers

Got a sailboat and need custom sails?


NY1 Article




NYC article


Morris Yacht Club

I am always welcome there. :wink:


City Island Yacht Club

I made money from them. A pleasure doing business!


Harlem Yacht Club

Where we had the 1969 PS 17 prom!


Stuyvesant Yacht Club

I worked with these sailors! :)


Eastchester Bay Racing Assoc.

It's always fun to see a race in the harbor!


Island Current Charter Fishing Boat


Riptide III Charter Fishing Boat


North Star II Charter Fishing Boat


City Island Power Squadron


Atlantic Emeritus Realty


City Island Real Estate LTD.


Cormac Mc Enery Esq.


Kirby Street Marina

Marco in charge, now. Lino has passed on. :cry:


Jack's Bait & Tackle

A venerable institution. Did you know Bergalls are really Cunner fish?


New York Sailing Center & Yacth Club

Learn to sail a sailboat.


Doyle Sails

More custom sailmakers.



Captain Mike's Diving Service

A dangerous job!


Island Nautical

More canvas sails.


West Marine Express

This new store has lots to offer. Welcome.



In Minnieford Boatworks formerly Marineland.


South Minneford Boat Club



Sea Tow

Need your boat towed 24/7/365?


City Island Park NYC.gov


Starving Artist Cafe & Gallery

A cafe with art and music.


Focal Point Gallery

Fine art.


Midtown Antiques

Old stuff is recyclabe!


Early Ruth Antiques

What happened to Late Ruth?


Exotiqa International Arts

Gifts and toys in the old cigar store.


My Dolls And Things



Dot Payne Design

Web design.


Freedom Boat Club

Next to PS 175.


Sara McPherson's City Island Connection

Say hello to Sally in Wisconsin.


P.S. 175 City Island Bronx


Temple Beth El

1 through Ten Commandments


Grace Episcopal Church

Episcopalian Church with triagle design looks like a sailboat. Stained glass is a winner.


City Island Wetlands & History

I think this is about the Marsh at West Ditmars Street :?


Pbase City Island Gallery

Another gallery.


New York Audubon PDF

NY Audubon Society PDF document


City Island PDF


Outreach NY Water Main & Sewer Reporter

Andy Macagnone's City Island Avenue Reports


NYC MTA Bus Schedule for City Island PDF


City Island Little League


Dr Christian Wertenbaker bio


City Island Theater Group



City Island videos @ Youtube.


The first video is of Orchard beach in Winter.

Third video is of Freedomland USA

Orchard Beach In Winter


Freedomland Amusement Park


Columbia University Sailing Team



Websites around or off the island.

Rodman's Neck Outdoor Range


Rodmans Neck


High Island Website

This little islands gallery was the inspiration for this one.



Maritime Museum


Rye Playland Fireworks Schedule


Loretta's Pizza in Country Club


Pelham Bay Park Guide


David Rumsey Map Collection. Old maps of the area, free Visit,


City Island Resident Dr Oliver Sacks Official Website
Author of "Awakenings"


City Island Resident Actor Vincent Pastore Official Website

Under Improvement



Movies and TV Shows filmed on City Island

BUtterfield 8



Long Days Journey Into Night



Coronet Blue TV Series.

He was a Soviet Spy who defected! :shock:



Arsenic and Old Lace (1969) (TV)

It was an honor to meet actor Fred Gwynne aka Herman Munster.



De Niro + Williams



A Bronx Tale

A disappointing plot



Love Is All There Is original title "Oh, No, Not Her!"

Based on Romeo & Juliet, it is a comedy!



Don't Say A Word

Filmed on Hart Island and the ferry


Law & Order: Criminal Intent


Law & Order: Criminal Intent : Sound Bodies

Hack writing and drivel, excellent actors and acting. A privelege meeting Vincent D'Onofrio on Kirby Street.



"Margot at the Wedding" formerly "The Untitled Noah Baumbach Project" formerly "Nicole Goes To The Country"







The Groomsmen (2006)



Harrington Talents City Island's only movie studio


Plane crash into High Island Antenna



NY Times Article on Barron's Boat Yard aka Barron Marine.


City Island Maritime Heritage Preservation Study


Columbia University Sailing


The City Island Theater Group : Doowop Classics, link has been removed because it has a Java Trap or Java Bomb, which causes the browser to crash.

Such linx with Java Traps will not be included in this listing!

The link to Seafood City went defunct and was deleted.

The link to Sugar & Spice Bakery is defunct and was also deleted.

The link usually ends in a search engine.

Please add your G-rated City Island link here!

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Location: City Island, Bronx NY

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2007 12:33 am    Post subject:  

The City Island Digital Image Gallery

FAQs ---- Frequently Asked Questions


Q Where is the index?

A Here.



Q How much did this forum cost you?

A Nothing, it was free. The ads you see here, pay for the forum. The ads are by Google, not me.

Aside from the price of the 4 Megapixel Nikon digital camera, Duracell rechargeable AA batteries and a Sandisk 2.0GB Memory Card, the gallery was made free. The price of the new 8.1 Megapixel camera is not included either.


Q How much does the image hosting cost?

A Again, nothing, it was free. The ads you can see here, pay for the image hosting.


Q Why are these images for free?

A I have nothing better to do, than take nice piccys and post them here for fun! It is my hobby of sorts. My family and friends needs to see my images, so this is an ideal place. The local children at school need some GNU photos for school. They are welcome to use them. These images are conversation pieces, which can give us something to talk about for many years to come. This is a labor of love.


Q Can I publish these images in my book or newspaper or magazine or make postcards and sell them?

A Yes, most images are not copyrighted and are public domain images now.
Anyone may use them for any good purpose. These images are GNU.
You cannot claim you took these images, though. I did.


Q Why did you make this gallery?

A I love my little island and am proud of it and we needed a place on the Internet that documented the island.

This is not an Internet newspaper, but in many ways, this site is like a newspaper.

Every picture tells it's own story, in a thousand words.

I wanted to document City Island, like no one else has.

Yes, there are other galleries, but not so many images at a eye popping 4 megapixels! And 8.1 Megapixels make the eyes bulge.


Q Do you make any money off of this website?

A No, I only lose time with my hobby. This gallery is costing me time.


Q Are these images enhanced? Are these blue skies real or colorized?

A The colors here are real true colors, as the camera sees them and according to the settings. No colorization or enhancements have been made. All these are real true colors as I see them. Notice how the sky colors change daily due to weather and pollution and such. Some images may have been cropped smaller or sharpened up / deblurred and even brightened.


Q Why do some images have a green sky?

A I don't know. Sometimes, I see Green Sky to the North on cloudy days. It is a real weather phenomenon. The images with green sky have not been altered or enhanced or deblurred. I don't remember the sky being green, when I took the image. Perhaps I had the camera on the wrong setting. Sorry. I will have to go back for a reshoot. Some green sky images appear to be a glitch in the camera.


Q Why are these images so good?

A I think it is the Nikon Nikkor lenses that makes nice photogenic images.
It is important to take pictures, when the sky is blue and it is sunny outside. Taking the picture at high tide, often looks better.


Q How can you afford to take so many thousands of pictures? Isn't it expensive?

A No, I do not use any film at all! These are all digital images. I use rechargeble AA batteries, so the cost is almost nothing. I can take up to 400 4 megapixel images at one time, before needing to download them to my PC. This website is free! The imagehosting is all free. People pay thousands of dollars for such a website. I made this place for almost nothing. I am switching away from Imageshack.us because many images have expired.


Q Are you getting a better camera?

A Yes, I now have a Casio Exilim EX-Z1080 10.1 Megapixel Digital Camera! :shock:

I just added a Sandisk 4GB Memory Card allowing me to take more images and better ones, also.


Q When I click on an thumbnail image, it will not make the picture bigger? Why?

A Try clicking on the refresh page button in your browser. If that don't work, switch browsers to Microsoft Internet Explorer. Firefox may not be compatible.


Q Why do the images load the page horizontally?

A I am currently fixing that problem. I am continually upgrading this website and it may be awhile. Please be patient.

We apologise for any inconvienience!:P


Q Why is there Horizontal Scrolling, when I visit this website?

A You need High Speed Internet like Verizon DSL or Optimum Online Cable Modem to use this HTML website. . 57K Dial Up Modem is too slow and causes this Horizontal Scrolling. You really should upgrade.


Q Some of these links do not work. Why?

A Some websites may be down for maintenance. Some websites close permanently. When I find a dead link, then I shall delete it. The link to Seafood City went defunct and was deleted. Some urls change name, like Tito Puentes changed into The Shrimp Box. The old link is dead and has been replaced with a newer one.


Q How can I Thank You for all these images?

A You're Welcome! And don't bother. Just sit back down and enjoy the images.

Take what you want without asking.


Q Why are some images missing?

A Imageshack.us is having server problems. I will try to repair them when I have some more time. What do you want for free, eh? I am switching imagehosting. I am experimenting with Supload.


Q Why do you have animations? You have many including waving flags and Ships Wheels or helm and a lighthouse with flashing beacon and lots of birds.

A They are nothing more than decorations. Gif animations are an art form that are fun and can be educational


All gif art found on the internet is public domain.


Q Why do you have an Energizer Bunny near the images of the Island Pub?

A That bar was closed and had a Energizer Bunny cardboard cutout placed in the window for several years. It is a local joke.


Q Why do you have blinking eye in a pyramid animation next to images of Masonic Temple?

A It is a tribute to my Masonic friends. An inside joke of sorts. It's a secret.


Q Why did you start a new page with animations?

A I collect gif animated art and this is the place to show it all.


Q Some of the gif animations do not move or do anything. What do I do?

A Switch over to Microsoft Internet Explorer, if you are using Firefox or Netscape or AOL web browsers. This url is only really Explorer compatible.


Q When I visit here every so often, things have moved around or changed. Why?

A I am currently making this gallery. It is always being improved. It will changed even more in the next year.


Q Where did you find all of these City Island related websites?

A Some are advertised locally on signs or flyers or trucks. Some websites have links to other related websites. Some are found in The Island Current. I keep finding lots of new ones added in Wikipedia, so at least it's good for links. Sometimes a friend tells me a link. Sometimes I find one using Google or Yahoo or MSN search engines.

Q Why did you put a welcome to all new visitors from Wikipedia and Answers.com?

A A link to this gallery was added to Wikipedia, which is the World's largest online encyclopedia, which has hyperlinks to other relevant websites. Answers.com is a clone or mirror of Wikipedia out of Israel. Many of their articles are different, though.




Q Why are there links to Dr Oliver Sacks and Vincent Pastore?

A Both men live on City Island, so are included. Dr Sacks lives on Marine Street and Mr Pastore lives near the Historical Society Musuem. Mr Pastore is now under court ordered Psychiatric therapy and medication for anger management after he hurt his fiance. Dr Sacks is said to have moved away.


Q Why do you have an Native American Indian as an avatar?

A I call him "Chief Minneford", cause we have no images of a real Minneford Indian. This was a part of an RCA Television Test Pattern used after 1939. I think he looks kinda cool.

Link to my blog page.



Q So, how does this website benefit everyone on City Island?

A Next time you need an image of your house, before the next storm comes...... For insurance purposes....... For Disaster aid funds..... I have imaged most houses here.......


Q Why did you include the Vatican's official website?

A That is the official website of St Mary Star of the Sea Holy Roman Catholic Church. Temple Beth El also has an Official website listed here.
If the other houses of God, make their own website, I will list them here.


Q Why are you still living on City Island? Why didn't you move somewhere else?

A I plan on moving to Phoenix, Arizona for the Winter months. I may spend Summer months here, but I may not be able to do as much imaging as I wanted.


Q What's with Audrey Beatrice?

A She has five baby swans called Cygnets.


Q Glover's Rock. Where is it located?

A Goto the City Island Traffic Circle and north to Park Road headed north. There is an intersection with Orchard Beach Road, before you reach the entrance to the beach, (which is closed at night by park police) turn left onto Orchard Beach Road and Glover's Rock's will be on the other side of the road. The rocks were described by General Washington as the large boulders, being at an isthmus near a freshwater meadow.



Q How do I get to Split Rock?

A it is very dangerous! One way is to take your SUV from Orchard Beach road and drive up to the Hutchinson River Parkway and slowly get off at the I-95 North ramp. A short distance up the ramp is a small opening where a small pickup might get thru. Drive on the grass north about 100 feet and you will see Split Rock. Doing this may be illegal.



Q Where is Bartow Neck?

A It is the area of land beginning at Glovers Rock to Pelham NY.
The small town of Bartow, Westchester county used to be near the
Bartow-Pell Traffic Circle


Q Where did all these Parrots or Monk Parakeets come from?

A There are several stories about that. One was that a lifter dropped a crate of parrots at JFK Airport and it broke open releasing about 100 Monk Parakeets imported from Argentina in South America. A second story says some environmentalists deliberately released them. Someone else said it was Hippies.


Q What is this? An image gallery or forum or what?

A I made this to host images of City Island and Bronx/ Westchester Area.

This also has links to other websites of interest or related and some movie clips as well.

I chose this PHPBB forum because it is easy to post images and words on the Internet.


Q What is the City Island Marketplace?

A Look here!



Q Where did the maps go?

A All maps are being isolated to a new map & chart zone here. All maps will be shown as thumbnail links to larger versions of that thumbnail map. More maps are being added. Historical maps and modern maps. Even new maps. Links to Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Mapquest, Microsoft maps, Terraserver Maps have been added. These links also have aerial and satellite images of this island. The Mapquest, Terraserver and Maporama links gives you Latitude and Longitude from your street address. David Rumsey Map & Chart Collection gives you free maps, some of which are archived here as thumbnails.

The City Island Map & Chart Room


Q Why do you have Bronx Bus maps and NYC Subway maps and Metro North Maps?

A City Island has Bronx buses, which connect to the NYC Subway system, which connect to the metro North Railroad system. These newer maps include City Island in them.


Q What are you doing with this gallery?

A I am making some major changes and repairs. Some images were not working and needed replacements. Other images were repaired. The Links section has been moved to the last page. The FAQ's also. Some more stuff may be deleted. Dead links and irrelevant stuff is being cleaned up. I may start deleting certain images, as being too cloudy or blurred. I have upgraded to 8.1 Megapixel camera. Imaging has begun from offshore, in a small fiberglass speedboat. I will be imaging the entire coast of this island.

This website is always under construction.



Crawler Crane

Transit Mixer


Mine Truck

Mine Truck


The City Island Map & Chart Room


This is an unpaid endorsement and advertisement of the Island Current.

The "City Island" Island Current,
Post Office Box 6,
City Island Station,
Bronx New York 10464.....
$10 per year

This is an unpaid endorsement and advertisement of the Island Current.
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Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 2:00 am    Post subject:  

The City Island Nautical Charts Collection

Welcome to our new Map & Chart Room!
All maps are being collected and isolated to this new map & chart zone here.

All maps will be shown as thumbnail links to larger versions of that thumbnail map. More maps are being added.

Historical maps and modern maps. Even new maps, too.

Links to Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Mapquest, Microsoft maps, Terraserver Maps have been added. These links also have aerial and satellite images of this island. You may have to click on the aerial tab to see the aerial or satellite image.

The Mapquest, Terraserver and Maporama links gives you Latitude and Longitude from your street address. People use these to play games on the internet forums.

Two links to local Bronx buses and Subway trains have been added.

The David Rumsey Map & Chart Collection gives you free maps, some of which are archived here as thumbnails. Have fun with these free maps!

Old Coast Guard Map

Koduku Map

Capt. Seagull's Sportsfishing Charts

Capt. Seagull's Sportsfishing Charts

NYC Land Use Map

New Zoning Areas

City Island Water Sewer Grid Map

City Island 1811

City Island 1868

City Island 1891


Hurricane Flood Map Worst Case Scenario

More maps and charts to come, including GPS Grids!

Note: Some of the links below, have Latitude & Longitude positions. Mapquest also has satellite and aerial maps.

Google Maps



Yahoo Maps



Mapquest Maps



Microsoft Maps



Terraserver Maps










National Geographic Maps



Ask Maps



David Rumsey's Map Collection


City Island Tide Chart

for today's tides.


NYC Bronx Bus Map


NYC MTA Subway Map


New York MTA Metro-North Railroad Map


If you are stuck on a boat at sea in the Atlantic or in Long Island Sound and need a map to guide you home, and you have Internet access on your Cellphone, this place is for you.

Coming Soon! GPS Grids Maps!


"Remember them as they were, then write them off". - Ernest Hemingway
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Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2008 12:25 am    Post subject:  


A Year ago I called up WCBS TV Channel 2 News and asked Shame On You reporters for help.

Reporter Tamsen Fadal showed up with one cameraman and saw the sick Mute Swan and interviewed me and took videos of the sick Swan I name Audie.

The segement was never shown on WCBS TV News!

Tamsen Fadal abandoned that sick Mute Swan and she still awaits rescue at Belden Point in City Island.

My letters to Mayor Bloomberg and Adolfo Carrion went ignored.

Everyone refused to help me rescue the sick swan.

I am changing the name of Audie Murphy Swann to Tamsen Fadal Swan.

I am calling Tamsen Fadal and WCBS TV News a disgrace!

Shame on you!

It was a horrible thing Tamsen Fadal did, ignoring that poor female Swan.


This is the store owned by Gabe Scavello called the IGA City Island Market which started out as the Raymond Theater and the City Island Theater.

It closed in late 1977 after featuring the movie Star Wars and it became a raquetball club and then a Supermarket in the early 80's.

I quit shopping at City Island Market on December 23 2006 because Paul & Robb tried to pull a fast one on me.

I ordered a $29 turkey and they tried to charge me $45!

That is a $16 overcharge! :x I told Rob I did not order a $45 Turkey and I refused to pay for that. Rob said that he was taking a big loss because of me! I walked out and have taken my business elsewhere. So has my entire family!

Rob and Paul have taken a big loss from me. Not just the order, but all of my future business.

I dont like liars, swindlers and thieves. If they wish they can sue me, my hand will be on the Holy Bible!

If you have an order catered at IGA City Island Market, get a written order receipt, to prove that you ordered at a fixed price.

But these guys will charge you whatever they want to, and that is very disreputable! :x

I felt like I was being extorted for a Christmas dinner! :x :evil:

I used to spend thousands of dollars there a year in food... soda, bottled water, Ice Cream, bread, cold cuts, meatloaf, and anything else they sold there.

I will not go there any more. I just feel that I cannot ever trust them again. Once you do something disreputable, you lose your reputation and business. :x

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Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:28 am    Post subject: What Happened?  

The story so far.........

I was making bird videos when I accidentally smashed up my 8 Megapixel Nikon P4 camera!

Yesterday I bought a new one at Costco in New Rochelle NY on my Amex Card for $179 with buyers Assurance.

It is not a Nikon, but a Casio Exilim EX-Z1080 Digital Camera that takes video movies with sound also.

It is 10 Megapixel, so that means better hi res images than ever before!

This means more videos coming soon!


American Express Platinum Costco Card is worthless!

My old Nikon P4 is NOT covered under my American Express Credit Card Buyers Assurance plan. Items are only covered for 90 days from purchase.

The American Express Credit Card Buyers Assurance plan has proved completely worthless to me and I have no use for it anymore.
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Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:39 am    Post subject:  

NEW! EVEN MORE Youtube High resolution VIDEOS ADDED!

NEW! Widescreen HDTV videos now being shown!


Toronto the talking Goose!


Montreal the Canada Goose says "Good Bye" in her own language.



Some of the newer videos are filmed in Widescreen HDTV mode 1080i with the Casio Exilim EX-1080i camera.

This gives the video a letterbox shaped appearance. This is normal viewing.
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Some things have happened here. They repaved most of Main Street. Even Schofield Street has been fixed!

Moe's Deli burned down. Moe replaced it with the newer Island Deli across from Seafood City.

The fire started in the Island Pub from a bad power strip. The NYPD closed down the pub because customers were allegedly dealing hard drugs like Cocaine. Any bar linked to illegal drugs is always shut down..

Jackie Kall says she has 30 stores for rent on Main Street.

The Sunoco Station got rid of it's hydraulic garage and installed a convenience store full of groceries! They even sell bread!

Check out the Zagnut candy bars! My favorite!

Rat Island is for sale by Edmund Red Brennan. The island is not for rent.

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